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FoodShare Employment and Training: FSET Success Stories

Our FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program can help you get the skills, training, and experience you need to find a good job. Watch these videos to learn how FSET has helped other people find rewarding careers and a fresh start on life.

Missy gained confidence by having someone in her corner. Watch Missy’s success story.

The sky’s the limit for Jody, who likes the challenge of her new career. Watch Jody’s success story.

Charlotte got a second chance after surgery kept her out of work. Watch Charlotte’s success story.

Felicia found a good job with good benefits through her FSET program’s connections. Watch Felicia’s success story.

Samantha found rewarding work after FSET helped with her resume. Watch Samantha’s success story.

FSET prepared Tom for an interview that gave him a future. Watch Tom’s success story.

Jason overcame barriers, and he feels better when he’s working. Watch Jason’s success story.

FSET taught Tracy skills to earn an income and pay for her own insurance. Watch Tracy’s success story  

A long list of good attributes led to Leon’s refreshing new start in life. Watch Leon’s success story

Gwen’s FSET Success Story.


Last revised May 17, 2022