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FoodShare Employment and Training: About FSET

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) is a free program that helps FoodShare members build their job skills and find jobs. Through FSET, we offer job skills training, education activities, interview skills, and you can get work experience. These skills will help you find a rewarding career. FSET will help you get a job after we learn your strengths, needs, and type of work you prefer. We also will use information about jobs where you live to help you plan your career goals.

FSET provides support services to help you complete FSET activities including, barriers to work. We’ll help you pay for things you need for FSET activities, such as work clothes, tools, books, child care, gas vouchers, and more.

If you are interested in FSET, contact your FSET agency to find out what services we offer in your area.

Through FSET, Gwen found a job and a new family at work. Watch Gwen’s success story:

See more FSET success stories.

Learn more about FSET, P-16092

Getting started

Before starting FSET, you must enroll in FoodShare. If you aren’t enrolled, apply now.

Your agency can refer you to the FSET service provider in your area. A worker from the FSET service provider will meet with you to talk about your job needs and goals. They can help you earn skills to find a job that fits you.

Work requirement for adults ages 18–52

You may need to meet basic work rules and work requirements to keep getting FoodShare benefits. Joining FSET is one way to meet this work requirement. This requirement is for people ages 18–52 who don’t have any children under age 18 living in the home. If you don’t meet the work requirement or have an exemption, your FoodShare benefits may be limited. This limit applies until you meet the work requirement, meet an exemption, or a certain time period has passed.

More information about the work requirement and exemptions from it can be found on the basic work rules and work requirements webpage. You also read our publication on the FoodShare Work Requirement for Adults Ages 18 through 52, P-00710.

FSET is a voluntary program, and you can join FSET even if you don’t need to meet a work requirement. To take part in FSET, contact your agency and tell them you want FSET services.

FSET regions and service providers—find your agency

View the FSET region map to find your FSET agency. Find your county on the map to know your region number. Then look for the name of the vendor that serves as your FSET service provider.

Equal opportunity information

Last revised December 28, 2023