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Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities Celebrates 75 Years

On October 4, 2023, the Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities received a Certificate of Commendation Award from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers honoring and celebrating 75 years of existence and continued tireless advocacy for programs, policies, services, and legislation to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Wisconsin.

In 1948, a Governor's Committee was established with one goal: to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The group's mission was broadened in 1976 to cover many aspects of disability in Wisconsin and became the Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities (GCPD). GCPD is inclusive of all disabilities and six of its members represent specific disability constituencies.

GCPD works on recommendations to improve programs, policies, and legislation that impacts people with disabilities. Today we are celebrating 75 years of GCPD advocacy and policy work.

75-Year Anniversary Commendation to GCPD from Governor Evers
Governor's Certificate of Commendation Honoring Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities 75th Anniversary
DHS Karen Odegaard presenting Governor's Commendation to GCPD for their 75 Year Anniversary
Dept. of Health Services', Karen Odegaard, presents Governor's Certificate of Commendation to members of GCPD.
Rhonda Staatz accepting Governor's Commendation to GCPD
GCPD Vice Chair, Rhonda Staats, accepts Certificate of Commendation on behalf of the GCPD.
Rhonda Staatz speaking to attendees at the Governor's Commendation Ceremony
GCPD Vice Chair, Rhonda Staats' comments makes ceremony attendees laugh.

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Last revised January 5, 2024