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The Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities (GCPD) issues letters of position, draft policy recommendations, issues press releases, conduct surveys, and does presentations on issues faced by people with disabilities to raise public awareness about the needs and abilities of people with disabilities. If you have any questions, need further information, or would like a presentation by GCPD, please email, or call us at 608-266-5364.

GOV-D Messages

September 20, 2021 Governor's Committee on Persons with Disabilities: Membership Vacancy

August 11, 2021 Addressing Barriers to Health Care Services for People with Disabilities


June 24, 2021 letter to Governor Evers on Voting Accessibility (PDF)

May 26, 2021 letter to Wisconsin Representatives and Senators on the State Fiscal Year 2021-2023 Budget (PDF)

February 18, 2021 letter to members of the Senate, Assembly, and Joint Finance Committee on State Legislative Rules (PDF)

November 23, 2020 letter to Governor Evers on COVID-19 Issues Being Faced by People with Disabilities (PDF)

Policy Recommendations

Disability Support Persons Not Allowed to Accompany Individuals with Disabilities to Medical Treatments (PDF)

Access to COVID Testing (PDF)

Testing and Vaccinations for Individuals who are Homebound (PDF)

Public Heath Orders and Information in Accessible Formats (PDF)

Health and Safety of Individuals with Dementia (PDF)

Mask Mandate and Communications (PDF)

Caregiver Shortages (PDF)

Telehealth and Broadband Access (PDF)

Representation of Individuals with Disabilities on State Medical Advisory Committee (PDF)

Press Releases

August 26, 2021: GCPD issues press release on healthcare inequities people with disabilities are facing (PDF)

August 19, 2020: GCPD issues press release on the impact of COVID-19 on people with disabilities (PDF)

July 23, 2020: GCPD issues press release acknowledging ADA 30th Anniversary (PDF)


February 2021: Right to Have a Support Person or Caregiver at Appointment Survey Results Executive Summary (PDF) and March 21, 2021 Full Survey Results Presentation (PDF)

July 2020: Individuals with Disabilities Food Access Through COVID-19 Pandemic Survey (PDF)

Last Revised: September 20, 2021

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