GCPD: Members and Liaisons


Margaret Kristan, Chair, Member-at-Large

Rhonda Staats, Vice-Chair, Member-at-Large, Representative Statutory Council on Blindness

Vacant, Member-at-Large

Julie Blasky, Member-at-Large

Pearl Fessenden, Member-at-Large

John Hartman, Member-at-Large

Dan Idzikowski, Member-at-Large

Daniel Laatsch, Member-at-Large

Ramsey Lee, Member-at-Large

Nancy Leipzig, Member-at-Large

David Morstad, Member-at-Large

Vacant, Member-at-Large

Vacant, Member-at-Large

Dr. Katherine Schneider, Member-at-Large

Fred Ludwig, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes Ex-Officio Member

Ben Barrett, Representative Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities

Gail Bovy, Representative Board for People with Developmental Disabilities

Kimberlee Coronado, Representative Wisconsin Council on Mental Health

Tom O'Connor, Representative Wisconsin Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Stacy Stone, Representative Statutory Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse


Eva Kubinski, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Sarah Kuehn, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Colleen Larsen, Wisconsin Technical College System

Interested in becoming a member?

Applicants are invited to apply for appointment to the Committee. Instructions on how to apply are available on the Governor's "Apply to Serve Wisconsin" website.

Last Revised: June 29, 2022

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