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Governor's Task Force on Caregiving

The Governor's Task Force on Caregiving concluded its official business on February 25, 2021. The Task Force's final report, which includes all of the recommendations made to the Governor's Office, is available in both English and Spanish.

The Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving was created to support and strengthen the direct care workforce, increase access to care, and improve the quality of caregiving in Wisconsin. The Task Force provided input from family caregivers, professional caregivers, health care providers and other citizens interested in improving working conditions for individuals who care for people with disabilities and older adults, leading to a better quality of care for the people they serve.

Task Force on Caregiving Report

Read the report: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

The members of the Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving are pleased to present a report detailing the process and recommendations developed by the Task Force to address the charges in Executive Order #11. The co-chairs speak on behalf of all members when we say that we have been proud to serve as representatives focusing on this important issue.

Caregiving is truly in crisis throughout Wisconsin. As we convened over the past year, we heard from families, recipients of care, direct care workers, and providers who are struggling. Stories that illustrate when people have gone without care or without a break are heart-wrenching. Individuals who believe passionately in the importance of this work are not paid enough to support their own families, yet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic they have been on the front lines as essential workers, keeping our loved ones healthy and safe.

We believe the policy recommendations in this report can improve conditions for caregiving on all fronts. When we convened prior to the pandemic, we had a vision for big picture solutions that would require the state’s immediate attention and significant investment. We did not abandon this approach in light of changing circumstances. In fact, we believe these policy changes are now even more critical.

We thank the Governor for the opportunity to serve on this Task Force, and we hope that the Governor’s Office works toward implementation and joins collaboratively with the Legislature to adopt the changes described in this report.


Lisa Pugh, Co-Chair
Todd Costello, Co-Chair

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Last revised May 1, 2024