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HIV: Partner Services

Adult on couch talking to a psychologist

If you have HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), our HIV Partner Services program can help you let your sex and/or needle-sharing partners know they may have been exposed without sharing your name.

Using the program is:

  • By choice.
  • Confidential.
  • Free.

Learn more about Partner Services for Persons with HIV Infection, P-42114 (PDF).

Who can use HIV Partner Services?

Anyone who tests positive for HIV can use the program.

What services are provided?

We will reach out to you if you’ve been diagnosed with HIV. We’ll help you determine your needs and get medical care.

We’ll also ask you about your sex and/or needle-sharing partners. If you want us to contact your partners, we’ll do so without sharing your identity. We’ll tell your partners how to prevent the virus and let them know where they can get tested.

We’re required by law to provide these services.

How will you contact my sex and/or needle-sharing partners?

We will discuss your options with you before contacting your partners. Your options include:

  • We let your partners know.
  • You let your partners know.
  • We contact your partners with you.
  • You try to let your partners know and we contact any you couldn’t reach.
  • Someone other than a staff member (like your doctor) lets your partners know.

How can I use the program?

If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV and want help letting your partners know—or you’re a provider who wants to refer someone to the program—call 608-266-3031.


Last revised July 20, 2022