HIV: Statistics and Reports

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Wisconsin HIV Surveillance Activities

Wisconsin Stat. § 252.15 requires confidential, name-associated reporting of confirmed HIV infection to the state epidemiologist. Case reports are submitted to the Wisconsin HIV Program from private physicians, hospitals, clinics, ambulatory care facilities, sexually transmitted disease clinics, the Wisconsin correctional system, family planning clinics, perinatal clinics, tribal health clinics, blood and plasma centers, military entrance processing stations, and laboratories performing HIV testing.

Other sources of information about HIV infection include state programs (AIDS/HIV Drug Assistance Program and AIDS/HIV Health Insurance Premium Subsidy Program), the vital records death certificate registry, and the tuberculosis (TB) registry.

Laboratory-based reporting is required by law. Laboratories performing confidential name-associated HIV confirmatory testing report to the HIV Program the name of the subject of all positive samples and the name of the physician who ordered the test. This is useful for identifying people recently diagnosed with HIV. Clinicians must also report information on newly diagnosed cases to ensure all new diagnoses are reported.

For further information regarding reporting of cases of HIV or other surveillance activities, contact Ezra Menon at 608-266-2664.

Wisconsin HIV Annual Surveillance Reports

HIV Surveillance Webinar

The following are links to a five-part archived surveillance webinar about the Wisconsin Department of Health Services HIV/AIDS Annual Review: New Diagnoses, Prevalent Cases and Deaths through December 31, 2017.

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