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HIV: Tracking HIV Case Information

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Wisconsin Stat. § 252.15 requires HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) cases to be reported to the state epidemiologist confidentially.

Case reports must be submitted by:

  • Private providers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Clinics.
  • Ambulatory care facilities.
  • Sexually transmitted disease clinics.
  • Family planning clinics.
  • Perinatal clinics.
  • Tribal health clinics.
  • Blood and plasma centers.
  • The correctional system.
  • Military entrance processing stations.
  • Labs that perform HIV testing.

Laboratories that perform confidential HIV testing must report both the names of the people who test positive and the names of the clinicians who order the test. Clinicians also must report the names of people who test positive for HIV. This helps us identify people who have recently been diagnosed with the virus.

We also track HIV case information through:

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Last revised October 31, 2023