Forms - Intoxicated Driver Program

The following are forms produced by the Department of Health Services (DHS).  For information on forms produced by the Department of Transportation (DOT), please see page 4 of the Intoxicated Driver Program Directory (PDF, 202 KB).

F-20933 Court Order for Assessment English
F-20933S Orden de la Corte Para Evaluacion Spanish
F-20934 Court Ordered Assessment and Plan Report English
F-20934S Evaluacion Ordenada Por la Corte Y Reporte Del Plan Spanish
F-20934A Plan Recommendation English
F-20934AS Plan de Recommendacion Spanish
F-20935 Status Report to Court for Plan Compliance English

These forms are for use by state, county, and local officials involved with the Intoxicated Driver Program.

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Last Revised: July 16, 2015