Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP)

The Intoxicated Driver Program Directory was developed in response to requests from county staff working with the Intoxicated Driver Program in the state of Wisconsin. Primarily, it is a resource for professionals who need information about Designated Coordinators, Assessment facilities and Assessment services provided by Wisconsin counties.

For Consumers who have been arrested for, or convicted of, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated; have been referred by legal council or have been court ordered to receive an Assessment, this directory can help you find the correct IDP contact and assessment facility within your county.

IDP Directory Listings with Map

Intoxicated Driver Program Assessor Training Information (exit DHS)

Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) Directory, P-23049 (PDF, 202KB)
List of IDP Coordinators and Assessment Facility contacts for all 72 Counties in Wisconsin

Wisconsin DHS Forms

Statutory and Administrative References

Staff Contacts for the IDP Directory

Last Revised: March 26, 2015