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Intoxicated Driver Program

The Intoxicated Driver Program provides education or treatment for people convicted of operating while intoxicated (OWI). The goal of the program is to make sure people don't drive impaired in the future.

Intoxicated driver assessment

Counties and tribal nations in Wisconsin have coordinators and assessment facilities that run the Intoxicated Driver Program.

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When someone is convicted of operating while intoxicated, the court orders them to complete an assessment. Each county has one agency that conducts assessments. Tribal nations can set up an assessment facility for tribal members.

All assessments follow a standard interview process. They may also involve a review of records, reports, and details from others. The results of the assessment help create a driver safety plan.

Driver safety plan

The driver safety plan outlines what the driver must do in response to the findings to complete the Intoxicated Driver Program. Proposed actions may vary. Examples include:

  • Attend a traffic safety program (or similar education program). Participants discuss in a group their substance use habits and ways to make changes to help avoid drinking and driving.
  • Complete a comprehensive treatment program. This may mean being admitted to a facility for up to 30 days.
  • Go to an intoxicated driving victim impact panel.
  • Have a psychiatric evaluation.

The county or tribal nation approves service providers to give services outlined in the driver safety plan. The plan is in effect for as long as the assessor defines, often no longer than one year. The Department of Transportation must approve any plans that go beyond one year.

All counties and tribal nations are in charge of tracking a person's progress through the program. They also let the Department of Transportation know if and when the program is complete, so the driver can get back driving privileges.

Who to contact with questions

Questions about the Intoxicated Driver Program? Call 608-640-7291 or email

Resources for program coordinators and assessment facilities

These resources are for those who help with the Intoxicated Driver Program.

Last revised May 4, 2023