IPS: Benefits

While the number of studies showing the effectiveness and benefits of IPS continues to grow — results show that IPS has a significant advantage over alternative vocational approaches. People receiving services using the IPS model attain employment faster, hold their jobs for longer, and work more hours compared to controls in randomized trials. 

Effectiveness of IPS in 28 randomized control trials

Studies showed a significant advantage for IPS and the collaborative model.

Employment rate for IPS (55%) verus controls (25%)

Wisconsin IPS has consistently shown to be at or above the national average employment rate.

Long-term reduction in outpatient treatment

Many job seekers are spending more time in the community, resulting in cost savings for treatment centers.

Increased income and job satisfaction

Annual earnings for IPS job seekers have grown over five years while the controls remained unchanged.

Correlation between employment and reduction in disability benefit applications

IPS has led to a reduction in both local and state assistance program applications.

Correlation between desire to work as a solution for worker shortages

IPS job seekers have proven valuable in filling job vacancies across many industries.

Everybody wins with IPS

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Counties and tribes

The benefits of IPS are wide-ranging, and communities across the state see the model's positive impacts. Learn more about how IPS can help Wisconsin counties and tribal nations thrive.


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IPS employment specialists work closely with businesses to build relationships and help fill their employment needs with qualified job seekers. Learn more about how IPS is helping businesses find skilled and dedicated employees.


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Community mental health providers

Local human services providers play a crucial role in supporting people in their community with mental health and substance use disorders. Learn more about how IPS can help people thrive.


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Vocational services providers

Vocational services providers are integral in helping people with mental health and substance use disorders become a part of their community. Learn more about how IPS can help improve client outcomes.


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Job seekers

IPS has proven to play a positive role in the recovery of a person with mental health and substance use disorders — and that impacts families. Learn more about how IPS is helping people improve their lives.


IPS works for Wisconsin

There are many examples of IPS in action across Wisconsin. 

Larry Andrews
Larry Andrews
Job seeker

IPS helped Larry find a job that made it possible to afford an apartment and enjoy his favorite activities. Read his success story

Suzanne Maldonado
Suzanne Maldonado
Business leader

IPS helped Suzanne bring more diversity to her workforce. Read her success story.

Nichole Bibb
Nichole Bibb
Mental health provider

IPS helped Nichole's clients gain confidence and flourish. Read her success story.

Last Revised: November 29, 2021