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IPS: Fidelity Reviews

A key component of IPS is fidelity reviews. The IPS Wisconsin team completes fidelity reviews to ensure agencies using the IPS model are applying the model as it was designed. Fidelity reviews are conducted twice a year until good fidelity is achieved and annually thereafter. A team visits the agency for two days to learn about their services. This is not an audit. The focus is on quality improvement. The team completes a report highlighting areas of good fidelity and suggestions for how to improve fidelity in areas not achieving good fidelity. 

Key parts of fidelity reviews

Staffing: A review of the roles and responsibilities of employment specialists and other key team members.

Organization: A review of the organization as a whole and the integration between various support networks.

Services: A review of the entire scope of services supported by the model. 

Roles and responsibilities for fidelity reviews

  • Identify reviewers, work with the agency to develop a schedule, and complete the fidelity review.
  • Provide a copy of the fidelity review report to the county or tribal mental health agency, vocational services provider, and local staff from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Using the fidelity review report, follow-up with the county or tribal mental health agency and/or vocational services provider and identify next steps, including technical assistance and training opportunities to improve fidelity. 

  • Make agency personnel available for interviews and other methods of information gathering by the fidelity review team.
  • Allow access to client records and documentation by the fidelity review team. If needed, the fidelity review team will sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Allow members of the fidelity review team to observe mental health team meetings and the IPS unit meeting.
  • Make employment specialists available to conduct employer contacts during the fidelity review so that the fidelity review team can determine what strategies are used in job development.  
  • Invite clients and family members to be interviewed by the fidelity review team.
  • Allow agency leaders (executive director, clinical director, and quality assurance director) to be available for a short interview with the fidelity review team.
  • Review the fidelity review report with all partners and the steering committee to identify strategies for improvement.
  • Develop, along with the assigned state trainer, a written plan for improved fidelity that includes input from the steering committee.

  • Assist the county or tribal mental health agency with fidelity review requests.
  • Provide data requested from the fidelity review team ahead of the visit.
  • Review the fidelity review report with all partners and the steering committee and identify strategies for improvement. 
  • Allow the state trainer to review model outcomes with the supervisor and agency leaders in order to develop plans for improved outcomes. 

  • Participate, as requested, in the fidelity review interviews.
  • Review the fidelity review report with all partners and the steering committee to identify strategies for improvement.

Learn more

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Do you have a question about IPS? Email the IPS Wisconsin team.

Last revised June 7, 2023