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IPS: Businesses

Two people shaking hands

A win-win for businesses

IPS connects businesses with skilled and dedicated employees. Employment specialists work to build relationships with businesses through in-person visits to learn about their culture, preferences, and needs. Not only do they strive to create a good match between the business and job seeker, but they also are available after a person is hired to assist with training and problem-solving to ensure the match is a success. A survey from the Job Accommodation Network shows businesses benefit from this type of approach.

Pie chart - 90 percent

Retained a valued employee

Pie chart - 68 percent

Increased the employee's productivity

Pie chart - 30 percent

Saved workers' compensation and other costs

Pie chart - 36 percent

Increased diversity

Pie chart - 56 percent

Reported accommodations cost them nothing

Pie chart - 13 percent

Increased customer base


IPS is currently available in 21 Wisconsin counties. See the list of sites.

Last revised May 18, 2023