IPS: Job Seekers

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A win-win for job seekers

You want to work and be productive. IPS can help. You can find and keep gainful employment through IPS, leading to a wide range of benefits. 

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Quality of life

Working leads to increased income and independence.

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Working helps improve self-esteem and build confidence.



Working increases community inclusion and social networks.

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Working leads to better control of symptoms and reduced substance use.

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Working reduces hospitalizations and the use of other treatment services.

How IPS works for job seekers

When you enter the IPS model, you will work closely with an employment specialist and staff from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (as needed) achieve your career goals. Through regular meetings, the employment specialist will work to understand your needs and interests, then connect you with businesses and educational opportunities to find and keep a job.

IPS focuses on:

  • Helping everyone with a mental health and substance use disorder. Personal struggles and history do not prevent you from participation.
  • Competitive and integrated employment. All jobs are in a community setting and pay at least minimum wage.
  • Your preferences. You are given support to find a job you want. 
  • A rapid job search. You get in front of potential employers within 30 days. 
  • Time unlimited and individualized support. You decide when your supports end. 
  • A team approach. Your employment specialist works with your care team. 

How to get started

IPS is offered through many mental health and substance use treatment programs. Talk to your care coordinator or case manager to learn if IPS is an option for you. If IPS is available to you, they can connect you to an employment specialist.

If IPS is not available in your community, you and your family can talk to the managers of your county or tribal mental health agency and ask them to implement IPS.

IPS is currently available in 21 Wisconsin counties.


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Last Revised: July 31, 2022