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MMHI: Goodland Hall Visiting Rules

Visitors are welcome. Please follow these rules.

  • Visitors are required to present photo identification.
  • All visitors are subject to search and must consent to inspection of all items in their possession.
  • A maximum of four visitors are allowed at one time unless all of the visitors are the wife and children of the patient.

Visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, display disorderly or inappropriate behavior, or do not follow staff instructions will be denied visiting privileges. If any staff deems a visitor's conduct to be unsuitable, visits may be terminated. Upon leaving the visiting room, visitors will not be allowed to return until the next scheduled visiting time.

Visitors arriving ahead of visiting hours may wait in the lounge.

Prohibited items

Intoxicating liquors, narcotics, other drugs, any articles or instruments which may be dangerous to patients, staff, or jeopardize the welfare of MMHI or its patients are not allowed. MMHI and its grounds are tobacco free. No smoking is allowed. Medication for visitors must be held by the monitor, except when the medication is dispensed (plastic utensils are recommended). Baby blankets are allowed but must be kept around the baby at all times and not used by an adult.

Property allowed in with visitor: Change purse, locker key for property locker, diaper bag (to be left with monitor), felt tip pen, games without sharps, paper without wire.

Property allowed in with patient: Paper without wire, books, board games, cards, felt tip pens from their unit.

List of prohibited items for patients and visitors:


Visitors wishing to give gifts or money to patients should first give the item to the escorting staff so that proper security and inventory control can be maintained. All items that patients wish to send home with visitors must also be inventoried by appropriate staff.


Initial and parting kiss and embrace are allowed. No handholding is allowed. 

Patients and their visitors are seated starting from the front of the room to the back. Patients are to remain in their seats unless given permission to move by the monitor. Furniture is not to be rearranged.

No visiting between groups is allowed. Visitors may only visit one patient per visit unless prior arrangements have been made.

Bathroom use

Bathrooms may be used by patients when two monitors are present. Patient will not be allowed in the bathroom while anyone else is using it.

Children and infants

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Minors may be denied visits per treatment plans or court orders. Children may take one toy from the play area to play with during the visit. The toys should be returned at the end of the visit. Parents are expected to supervise their children during the visit. Infant diapers are to be changed in a separate area in the visiting area. Patients should not change diapers.


Last revised January 5, 2021