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Wisconsin Mold Contractors and Consultants

Mold Remediation Contractor List

Contact a mold remediation contractor when you need to clean up mold or remove contaminated building materials to prevent fungi and dust from leaving the work area and entering any occupied area.

Indoor Air Consultant List

Indoor Air Quality Consultants are experts in evaluating more complex indoor air problems, explaining the causes and issues to a homeowner, designing solutions, and even overseeing the cleanup work, if necessary. Some of the issues they deal with include moisture problems leading to mold growth, allergy, and asthma triggers.

Tips When Hiring Contractors and Consultants

There are many important things to consider before making the call to hire a contractor. Explore our hiring guide to learn how you can find reputable consultants and contractors throughout Wisconsin.

Looking to be Included on Our List of Contractors and Consultants?

To be included on the lists of IAQ Consultants or Mold Remediation Contractors, please provide the following information via email or regular mail to the Indoor Air Program at the address below:

  1. Specify which list you want to be on: IAQ Consultants or Mold Remediation Contractors.
  2. Your company name, web address, counties served, phone number(s), email address, and mailing address as you would like them listed on the web.
  3. A list of your credentials, including a list of training certificates (please include the name of the training provider).
  4. An example of the type of reports you generate/work you do.
  5. Any relationships, financial or otherwise, you have with any other IAQ consultant or mold remediation contractor.
  6. Any other item you think is important for us to review.

Our list is updated periodically. The sooner you can provide us with the information the sooner you can be added to the list.

Having your name on this list is NOT an endorsement from the Department of Health Services (DHS) nor is it considered certification with the State of Wisconsin. It is only a starting point for interested parties who need assistance in investigating indoor air quality complaints in their buildings. DHS will not include individuals on this list who provide us with fraudulent information or if individuals advertise as being "State Certified" or "State Endorsed."

If you need any additional information about this process, or to submit the above materials, please contact the Indoor Air Program at 608-266-1120, or email us at

Last revised July 30, 2021