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Music & Memory—Research

Evaluations of Music and Memory in Wisconsin

Many of the Wisconsin Music & Memory Program have shown the positive impact it has, not only on people with dementia and memory loss but also on caregivers and staff. Explore the amazing data collected in evaluations from partner universities and organizations below.

Impact on staff and environment

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire implemented a community pilot program to bring personalized music to people with dementia in their homes. They studied the impact on caregivers to see how the experience affects the work environment and stress.

Impact on behavior and use of harmful medications in nursing homes

Researchers from the Center on Aging and Translational Research at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee evaluated 100 nursing homes participating in the Music & Memory Program to see how it impacted resident behaviors. They also looked at how much it decreased the use of antipsychotics or antianxiety medications.

Impact on people living at home with dementia

The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh implemented a pilot project to see how the Music & Memory Program might be used for people living at home with dementia. They interviewed participants and caregivers on the effects of personalized music to see how it helped quality of life, caregiver stress, and memory loss.

Last revised January 27, 2023