Meet the research team!

Dr. Jung Kwak and Dr. Michael Brondino from the Center on Aging and Translational Research in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, will conduct the evaluation of the Wisconsin Music & Memory program. Dr. Thomas Fritsch will serve as a consultant for this evaluation.

Dr. Kwak's primary research areas focus on quality of care in long-term care settings, end-of-life care decision making, and developing caregiver support interventions at the end of life.

Dr. Brondino is trained as a quantitative psychologist and has more than twenty five years of experience in the design and implementation of research in applied settings and in the analysis of data from such studies.

Dr. Fritsch's research over the past ten years has focused on translating epidemiological findings into rational, applied programs to serve people with neurodegenerative illnesses but by using non-pharmacologic approaches.

Evaluation Details

The evaluation will use data collected by the original one hundred nursing homes and will be collected in two ways.

  1. Ninety of the one hundred nursing homes will select fifteen residents to participate. The research team will use a portion of the MDS (Minimum Data Set) data that is being collected for those residents.
  2. The remaining ten nursing homes will be part of a more intensive data collection process. The researchers at these sites will randomly select six residents to participate in the evaluation, and the nursing home staff will select the other nine participants.
    • The six randomly selected residents will receive a special iPod Touch, with an application that tracks the music the resident is listening to, as well as how often the resident is listening to it;
    • A research assistant will visit the residents and observe their behavior at randomly selected time points; and
    • At the end of the evaluation, the researchers will examine the data collected to determine whether the Wisconsin Music & Memory program has any impact on resident behaviors, or on the use of anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety medications.

Current Research - MUSIC & MEMORYSM:

Current Research, Dan Cohen, MSW


Last Revised: October 2, 2015