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National Core Indicators Project: Child Family Survey

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is conducting surveys of families with a child who receives long-term care services through DHS. This is part of a nationwide survey project called National Core Indicators (NCI).

DHS also conducts NCI surveys of older adults and adults with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities.

How does the Child Family Survey impact Wisconsin families?

Information from the Child Family Survey (NCI-CFS) is used to better understand the needs of children and their families and improve services for children who are getting long-term care in Wisconsin.

The survey includes questions about different parts of programs and services, including: 

  • Choice, decision-making, and control
  • Access and determination of care
  • Satisfaction with services
  • Community involvement and inclusion
  • Health and safety
  • Services and supports in the Children’s Long-Term Support Program

Who takes the survey?

The NCI–CFS is given to families with a child who:

  • Lives in the family’s home
  • Gets at least one long-term care service other than case management

Families who are selected will receive a letter

Families with a child who is receiving long-term care services through DHS may get information about the survey in the mail.

If your family is selected, your family will receive a letter with information about the survey. The letter and survey will be addressed to the child who is receiving services. Parents and guardians fill out the survey on the child’s behalf.

If your family has more than one child in the home receiving long-term care services other than case management, the survey should be completed to only reflect the care and experience of the child listed on the mailing address.

  • Participation is voluntary.
  • All responses and information are confidential.
  • Your services and supports will not be affected if you participate or do not participate.
  • The survey takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey online

If you want your child to be in the survey, parents and guardians will have the option to complete the survey online. The letter your family receives will have a unique access code and link to the secure website where you'll take the survey.

To learn more about the interviews, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Timeframe for surveys

The NCI–CFS for 2023-2024 will start in March 2024 and close May 2024. It is important to fill out the survey as soon as you get it in the mail.

HIPAA and confidentiality

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act require all people and entities with access to protected health information and other non-public information to protect the data. All surveys are conducted following HIPAA-compliant standards.

More information

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NCI project partners

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Last revised March 20, 2024