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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Number Title Division Other Location
P-02451 Sign up your pharmacy to use the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR)! DPH
P-44784 WIC Outreach Brochure DPH
P-02356 ADRC Map DPH
P-01203 EPHT: Taking Action with Data - Funded Projects DPH
P-02355 Put measles on the spot DPH
P-00925 WISEWOMAN Blood Pressure Home Self-Monitoring DPH
P-02358 Measles can very easily spread from person to person (Community) DPH
P-02359 Measles can very easily spread from person to person (Provider) DPH
P-01880 Communicable Disease Case Reporting and Investigation Protocol: Enteropathogenic E. Coli (EPEC) DPH
P-02266 Not much gets done in a meeting of one. (Flu shot) DPH
P-02267 No one wants to get sick with the flu! DPH
P-02268 Only 1 in 3 Wisconsinites ages 20-64 got their flu shot last year. DPH
P-02269 School is too much fun to miss. (Flu shot) DPH
P-02270 Not much gets done in a meeting of one. (Flu shot) - Employee DPH
P-02272 Don't let the flu slow you down this year. (Fall) DPH
P-01913 Communicable Disease Case Reporting and Investigation Protocol: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) DPH
P-00972B Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist Core Competencies DCTS
P-00636 Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System - Aggregate Data Requests DPH
P-01032 Standard Naming Convention for IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) Program Documents DMS
P-90032 Provider Guide: Questions Moms are Asking About Oral Health DPH
P-90033 Brushing for Two: Poster DPH
P-90033A Brushing for Two: Infographic DPH
P-90034 Protect Tiny Teeth: Poster DPH
P-90034A Protect Tiny Teeth, Milestones for Mini Mouths: Infographic DPH
P-02076 Protecting Your Family From Extreme Heat DPH
P-02077 Protecting Your Family From Floods DPH
P-02454 HIV In Youth, Milwaukee County DPH
P-02082 Protecting Your Family From Winter Weather DPH
P-12020 Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus HMO Program Guide DMS
P-02480 TCE in the Air DPH
P-12020A Wisconsin BadgerCare Plus HMO Choice Booklet – Standard Plan DMS
P-02479 Reasons for Preventable Denials, Closures, and Churn among Milwaukee County Medicaid Members: 2017 DMS
P-02486 What Employers Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide DPH
P-02156 Medicaid Managed Care Quality Strategy DMS
P-02212 Hepatitis C in Wisconsin Summary Report DPH
P-20500 Rate Schedule - Mental Health Institutes DCTS
P-01942 Hot Water Temperatures in Adult Family Homes DQA
P-01964 Snapping Pics Puts Your Job at Risk, Poster DQA
P-01580 Guidelines for Victim Advocate Accompaniment During Hospital Exams and Consultations DQA
P-01806 Psychotropic Medications - Assisted Living DQA
P-01807 Controlled Substances – Quick Reference for Schedule DQA
P-01864 Medication Pass: Dietary Supplements, Natural Products, Vitamins, Herbals DQA
P-00746 Regulatory Authority for Health Care Construction Plan Review DQA
P-12770A Wisconsin Medicaid SSI HMO Choice Booklet DMS
P-01855 Independent Informal Dispute Resolution for Federally-Certified Nursing Homes DQA
P-01907 Glucose Meters and Infection Control DQA
P-01212 Defining "Skilled Care" for Wisconsin Home Health Agency (HHA) Licensure DQA
P-00098 DQA - Provider Relationships During the Nursing Home Survey Process Shared Expectations DQA
P-01449 Office of Plan Review & Inspection Annual Report – 2017 DQA
P-00660 Wisconsin Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Handbook for Local Public Health Departments DPH


Last Revised: October 8, 2019