Recovery: Peer Recovery Centers

There are seven peer recovery centers in Wisconsin. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a peer recovery center?

A peer recovery center is a place where people living in mental health and/or substance use recovery can find support and connection to others who have lived experience in recovery. A peer recovery center offers opportunities for one-on-one support as well as the structure to connect as groups. Peer support provides a framework to learn from one another, encourage, and support each other to reach goals. Positive recovery outcomes are more likely when people talk with someone who has firsthand recovery experience. Peer recovery centers can offer alternatives to feeling isolated in the community. This may be especially helpful if a person feels they have little to no support system. Services include social activities centered on wellness and education. There are other recovery and community resources available.

Who can visit a peer recovery center

Any Wisconsin adult (age 18+) who is living with a mental health issue or is in recovery from substance use and would like to develop social relations and receive peer support are invited to visit a peer recovery center. 

Is there a cost to visit a peer recovery center?

No. There is no cost to visit a peer recovery center.

Is an appointment necessary to visit a peer recovery center?

No. You are welcome to visit anytime during open hours. Each peer recovery center sets its own hours of operation. 

Who manages the peer recovery centers?

Each peer recovery center is managed by a group of individuals with lived experience of mental health and/or substance use recovery. 

Do you have to participate in activities or support groups at a peer recovery center?

No. All services are voluntary. 

Are clinical supports and services offered at peer recovery centers?

No. There are no therapists, doctors, or nurses on staff. Therefore, clinical services are not offered. The peer recovery centers provide environments and activities to support recovery offered by peers.

COVID-19 information

Please contact the peer recovery center you wish to visit to learn what supports they are currently offering. See the map below for contact information.




Last Revised: February 24, 2021