Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Intervention Service: Recertification

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DHS/DQA/Behavioral Health Certification Section
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Intervention Service is certified by the Department of Health Services (DHS) under Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter DHS 75.16.




Intervention services may include outreach; problem identification; referral; information; specialized education; case management; consultation; training; support or drop-in services; intensive supervision; alternative education; and intoxicated driver assessments under Chapter DHS 62.


Up to two years with an annual fee.


Annual Fee:

Services/Programs Amount
1 $550.00
2 $800.00
3 $1,000.00
4 $1,175.00
5 $1,350.00
Each additional $100.00


Already certified as an AODA Intervention Service.


The Division of Quality Assurance sends Desk or Site renewal information is sent by the Division of Quality Assurance at least 60 days prior to expiration. These materials are to be returned within 30 days of expiration. Annual renewal of all services and programs are required for certification. If you chose to end this service, please notify the Behavioral Health Certification in writing.  

The following applications are required for Community Substance Abuse Services (CSAS) recertification for a Transitional Residential Treatment Service:

  • F-00473 (Word) – CSAS Intervention Service Recertification Application – Chapter DHS 75.16
  • F-00027* (Word) – CSAS Standards Recertification Application – Chapter DHS 75.03 General Requirements
  • F-00276* (Word) – *Behavioral Health Services Renewal Certification Application Chapter DHS 94 – Patient Rights and Resolution of Patient Grievances & Chapter DHS 92 – Confidentiality of Treatment Records

These should be completed once per certificate annually.

WI Statutes

Chapter 51, State Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Act
Chapter 51.45, Prevention and Control of Alcoholism

WI Administrative Code

Chapter DHS 12, Caregiver Background Checks
Chapter DHS 13, Reporting and Investigation of Caregiver Misconduct
Chapter DHS 75 including Appendix A, Appendix B and Appendix C
Chapter DHS 75.03, General Requirements
Chapter DHS 75.16, Intervention Service
Chapter DHS 92, Confidentiality of Treatment of Records
Chapter DHS 94, Patient Rights and Resolution of Patient Grievances

Additional Information

Visit the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Programs website for more information.

Last Revised: August 27, 2019