Provider Search

The Provider Search tool provides an easy and fast method for consumers to find health and residential care providers in Wisconsin that are regulated by the Department of Health Services, Division of Quality Assurance (DQA).

Using Provider Search

Step One – Display Provider Search and enter search criteria

To get started enter the Provider Search application and select a county (a city may also be selected), and/or ZIP code and select the provider type(s) you are looking for. There is also a dropdown list for entering miles within a specific ZIP code to help find providers within a distance that you choose.

File a Complaint

If any individual believes that a caregiver or DQA regulated provider has violated state or federal laws pertaining to regulated entities, that individual has the right to file a complaint.


If you are searching for an adult day care center, adult family home and/or a community-based residential care facility, there is an optional area on the bottom of the page that may be used to only identify providers that serve specific types of clients.

After entering search criteria select the Search button located on the bottom right-side of the webpage.

Step Two – Select a specific provider to view additional information

A list of providers matching the search criteria is displayed along with a Google Map identifying their location. The provider list may be resorted by selecting on a column heading. Select the Printer-Friendly Version feature to produce the same list in a format easier for printing.

Select a facility name to display additional information about a specific provider.

The Survey History area provides information on surveys that were conducted by DQA, except for hospital providers. Surveys occurring in the past three years are displayed. Visitors to the Provider Search website should be aware that there can be a delay between the completion of a survey and the availability of survey information on the site. If you are unable to locate the survey information on the Provider Search website, you may submit a request to Learn more about the information that may be contained in a survey document.

Step Three – Select another provider or perform a new search

Select Return to Search Results to select another facility from the list or select Perform a New Search to enter different search criteria.

Additional Information

Health and Residential Care Provider Types Listed in Provider Search

Client Rights and Advance Directives

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