Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Outpatient Treatment Service (DHS 75.13): Renewal

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 Attention Providers

Current Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 75 (PDF) is still in effect until October 1, 2022. You will need to scroll to find your subchapter, sections, subsections, or paragraphs.

View the text of revised Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 75 and visit the Revised DHS 75 Implementation webpage for more information.


An outpatient treatment service is a non-residential treatment service totaling less than 12 hours of counseling per patient per week, which provides a variety of evaluation, diagnostic, crisis and treatment services relating to substance abuse to ameliorate negative symptoms and restore effective functioning. Services include individual counseling and intervention and may include group therapy and referral to non-substance abuse services that may occur over an extended period.


Up to 2 years with an annual fee.


Annual Fees:

Services/Programs Amount Branch
1 $550.00 Tier 1 $200.00
2 $800.00 Tier 2 $500.00
3 $1,000.00    
4 $1,175.00    
5 $1,350.00    
Each additional $100.00    


Renewal information is sent by the Division of Quality Assurance at least 60 days prior to expiration. These materials are to be returned within 30 days of expiration. If you require duplicate information, contact the Division of Quality Assurance, Behavioral Health Certification Section at the number or email above.

The following applications are required for Community Substance Abuse Services (CSAS) recertification for an Outpatient Treatment Service:

* These should be completed once per certificate annually.

WI Statutes

Wisconsin Stat. ch. 51, State Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Act

Wisconsin Stat. § 51.45, Prevention and control of alcoholism and drug dependence.

WI Administrative Code

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 12, Caregiver Background Checks

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 13, Reporting and Investigation of Caregiver Misconduct

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 75 including Appendix A, Appendix B, and Appendix C

Wisconsin Admin. Admin. Code § DHS 75.02, Definitions

Wisconsin Admin. Admin. Code § DHS 75.03, General Requirements

Wisconsin Admin. Admin. Code § DHS 75.13, Outpatient Treatment Service

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 92, Confidentiality of Treatment of Records

Wisconsin Admin. Code ch. DHS 94, Patient Rights and Resolution of Patient Grievances

Program Information

Visit the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Programs webpage for more information.

Apply for Wisconsin Medicaid (Title 19) once you are certified as a narcotic treatment service for opiate addiction.

Last Revised: June 3, 2022