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Certification required for entities intending to perform, supervise, advertise, claim to provide or supervise a regulated exterior asbestos activity, including asbestos abatement, removal or disturbance, air sampling, inspection and bulk sampling, inspection and bulk sampling, and asbestos management activities. Exemption for homeowners conducting asbestos work on their own single family owner occupied home.




Certified entity that performs, supervises, or offers to perform or supervise regulated asbestos abatement activities limited to non-friable asbestos-containing material that remains non-friable, on the exterior, or building envelope of a facility.


Two years. Renewal required.


$200 every 2 years. State and local government agencies are exempt.


A certified exterior asbestos company must employ or contract with appropriately certified individuals when conducting regulated asbestos activities.

Application Process

DHS Form F-44002, Asbestos Certification Application - Company

Required Documentation

See s. DHS 159.15, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

WI Statutes

Section 254.20, Wisconsin Statutes

WI Administrative Code

Certification and Training course Requirements for Asbestos Activities (DHS 159), Subchapter III

Additional Information

Last Revised: June 30, 2015