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Exterior Asbestos Worker

In Wisconsin, a person must be certified to do asbestos work.




An exterior asbestos worker certification is for a person who does outside asbestos abatement projects. These projects have materials with asbestos that don’t crumble (non-friable) and stay that way during the project. Workers must have a certified exterior asbestos supervisor to oversee the project.


Does not expire if you take the annual refresher training, and it is documented (employer-provided, unaccredited training is okay). See Wisconsin. Admin. Code ch. DHS 159, subch. III, Asbestos Company Certification Requirements.




You must be 18 or older. You also must complete a one-day exterior asbestos worker course.

See Wis. Admin Code ch. DHS 159, subch. II, Certification Requirements for Individuals.

Last revised January 22, 2024