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Asbestos Management Planner

A certification for a person who comes up with a way to manage asbestos in a building.


Initial, Renewal


In Wisconsin, a person must be certified to do asbestos work. An asbestos management planner certification is for a person who comes up with a way to manage asbestos in a building. They suggest the best response actions.


One year. Both a half-day annual asbestos inspector refresher training and a half-day annual asbestos management planner refresher training are required to renew.


$125 per year


You must be 18 or older. You also must complete a three-day asbestos inspector initial training course followed by a two-day asbestos management planner initial training course.

See Wis. Admin. Code ch. DHS 159, Subchapter II, Certification Requirements for Individuals

Wisconsin statute

Wisconsin administrative code

Wis. Admin. Code ch DHS 159, Certification and Training Course Requirements for Asbestos Activities.

Program information

The Asbestos Program makes sure asbestos professionals are trained, certified, and work safely.

Last revised December 7, 2023