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Assisted Living: e-Renewal of Online Licenses and Certifications

The Wisconsin Bureau of Assisted Living requires all assisted living facilities to submit regular reports online. They do this through e-renewal. Facilities also must renew licenses through e-renewal.

The following facilities must use e-renewal:

  • 3-4 Bed Adult family homes
  • Community-based residential facilities
  • Certified residential care apartment complexes

Community-based residential facilities with a probationary license cannot use e-renewal. Registered residential care apartment complexes aren't required to use e-renewal.

Updated e-renewal processes

Using e-renewal, facilities can now:

  • Assign who can sign documents (signor) and make payments (payer).
  • Complete, sign, and submit reports online.
  • Submit payments online.
  • Upload supporting documents as needed.

I'm assigned the SIGN or SIGNPAY role for my facility. While completing a report, I made a change by mistake. Now, I have to work with the Bureau of Assisted Living Regional Office. I can't complete the report via e-renewal. How can I fix this?

Email your Bureau of Assisted Living Regional Office. In your email, explain the situation, and include:

  • Your facility name and ID.
  • A description of the incorrect change you made.

The staff member at our facility who registered for e-renewal is no longer with the company. How do I log in to e-renewal and complete a report?

Go to the Web Access Management System (WAMS) homepage to create an account. Then, email

  • Your WAMS account ID.
  • e-Renewal role (SIGN, PAY, SIGNPAY).
  • Which assisted living facilities you will be doing renewals for.
  • The name of the former staff member you are replacing.

My facility completed a report through e-renewal. Can we submit a paper check?

Facilities who submit reports using e-renewal must pay online using e-renewal.

I forgot my Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID and/or password. How can I log in?

Use the Account Recovery link to reactive your account.

When I log in to the e-renewal system, I see a message that reads: "You do not have any facilities for which to process a license/certification continuation or make a payment at this time." Why?

Users will only see facilities listed on their account if:

  • There are facilities linked to their account in a current two-month renewal cycle.
  • A facility needs to submit either a report or payment.

The Bureau of Assisted Living hosts regular webinars. These explain how to use e-renewal. Assisted living providers can ask questions during these webinars.

Recordings will appear here once the webinar dates and times are available.

Contact us

If you have questions, contact your Bureau of Assisted Living Regional Office.

Last revised January 19, 2023