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Assisted Living: Medication Errors

Medications are an important part of a resident's care. They can help a resident's health and quality of life.

Medications that aren't given correctly (called medication errors) can put residents at risk. Medication errors apply to prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.

Examples of medication errors include a staff member giving a resident:

  • The wrong medication.
  • The wrong dose of a medication.
  • Medication at the wrong time.

You can prevent medication errors by:

  • Allowing staff to ask questions.
  • Making sure all instructions are clear.
  • Making sure staff follow all instructions.
  • Giving staff enough time to give residents their medications.
  • Training staff.
  • Giving staff resources to help them.
  • Teaching residents about their medications and listening to their questions.
  • Avoiding shortcuts.
  • Reporting mistakes.



Last revised July 11, 2023