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Assisted Living: Medication Packaging and Labeling

Pharmacists must correctly label and package medications to avoid mistakes. Staff must make sure that medications stay labeled and packaged correctly.

Before giving residents medication, make sure medications are correctly labeled. Staff should also make sure the instructions on a label are correct.



Sample Medications, P-01909 (PDF)

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

When preparing medication in oral syringes, does each syringe need to be labeled?

In a community-based residential facility, medications must be labeled when they are repackaged. If this task is completed by a staff member, it first must be assigned by an RN (registered nurse).

The label should include:

  • The resident's name.
  • The medication name and dose.
  • How to take or give the medication.

Staff should label syringes that aren't given to a resident right away.

Other assisted living facilities may not have medication packaging and labeling rules. However, safety standards call for labeling medications.

Can an RN tell unlicensed staff to repackage medications?

RNs can assign staff to package medication in community-based residential facilities and residential care apartment complexes. In an adult family home, all medications must remain in their original packaging.

Last revised January 13, 2023