Assisted Living Online License and Certification Continuations via E-Renewal

The Bureau of Assisted Living (BAL) requires all regulated assisted living providers to submit biennial/annual reports and license/certification continuations using the e-renewal program. This requirement applies to 3-4 bed adult family homes, licensed community-based residential facilities, certified residential care apartment complexes, and adult day care centers. Community-based residential facilities with a probationary license are not eligible to renew their license via e-renewal and registered residential care apartment complexes are not required to participate in the e-renewal program.

The e-renewal system has simplified the biennial/annual report and license/certification continuation payment process. The system highlights include: 

  • Option to designate signor and payer roles to appropriate individuals within facility
  • Ability to complete, sign, and submit biennial/annual report online
  • Convenience in submitting payment online using a credit card or electronic funds transfer/automatic clearing house (ACH) via the US Bank secure site and receive an email confirmation 
  • Access to upload supporting documents if required

To learn more about the online system and review the instructions to sign up, please reference the e-renewal program recordings below and the Online License and Certification Continuations via E-Renewal Publication, P-01731 (PDF)

How to use e-renewal

Frequently asked questions

  1. Question: I am the designated facility SIGN or SIGNPAY role user for e-renewal. While completing the biennial/annual report, I indicated a change to be made that requires I work with the BAL regional office by mistake and am no longer am able to complete the biennial/annual report via e-renewal program. How can I fix this?
    • Answer: Contact the BAL Regional Office that serves your facility via email and explain your situation related to e-renewal program. In your email notification, include the assisted living facility name, facility ID, and a description of the incorrect entry you made.
  2. Question: The previous facility contact who registered for e-renewal is no longer with the company. How do I log in to the system to complete the biennial/annual report? 
    • Answer: If you do not already have a Web Access Management System (WAMS) account, go to the WAMS page to create an account. Then, email with your WAMS account ID, e-renewal role (SIGN, PAY, SIGNPAY), a list of the assisted living facilities for which you will be processing renewals, and the name of the former facility contact you are replacing. 
  3. Question: We signed up for e-renewal and completed the biennial/annual report online, but we want to submit the payment via paper check versus online payment. May we submit payment this way?
    • Answer: Facilities who submit their biennial/annual report online via e-renewal must submit their payment online via online payment through e-renewal. Facilities are unable to complete the biennial/annual report through e-renewal and submit payment via paper check.
  4. Question: I forgot my Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID and/or password for my WAMS account to sign in to the e-renewal program and complete the biennial/annual report and submit payment. 
    • Answer: If you have an existing WAMS account but do not remember your WAMS ID or password, use the WAMS account recovery process to reactivate it rather than creating another account. The account recovery process can be accessed by clicking on the “Account Recovery” link at the bottom of the WAMS page.
  5. Question: I logged into the e-renewal system but see a message that says “You do not have any facilities for which to process a license/certification continuation or make a payment at this time.” Why? 
    • Answer: Users will only see facilities listed on the e-renewal facility selection screen if (1) there are facilities associated with their WAMS account in a current renewal cycle (the license/certification expires within approximately 2 months) and (2) either the annual/biennial report or e-payment for a facility still needs to be submitted.

E-Renewal training opportunities

BAL will offer informational webinars about how to use the e-renewal program and answer questions assisted living providers may have. 

Webinar access information and recordings will appear here once the webinar dates and times are available. 

Contact Us

If you have questions, email the BAL Regional Office in which the facility is located.

Last Revised: January 8, 2021