Mental Health Day Treatment For Youth (Chapter DHS 40) – Initial Certification

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Mental Health Day Treatment For Youth services are certified by the Department of Health Services under Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter DHS 40.




A Mental Health Day Treatment Service For Youth means non-residential care, prescribed by a physician, and provided in a clinically supervised therapeutic environment that provides an integrated system of individual, family, and group psychotherapy, care coordination, and support services pursuant to a treatment plan


Non-expiring: a certification is valid until suspended or revoked by DHS.


Annual Fees:

Services/Programs Amount
1 $1,100.00
2 $1,600.00
3 $2,000.00
4 $2,350.00
5 $2,700.00
Each additional $200.00


See Wis. Admin. Code Ch. DHS 40.

Application Process

See Wis. Admin. Code § DHS 40.04(1) Initial Certification Requirements. On receipt of an application for initial certification, DHS shall review the application and its supporting documents and designate a representative to conduct an on-site survey of the program. Within 60 days after receiving a completed application for initial certification, DHS shall either certify the program if all requirements for certification are met or deny certification if any requirement has not been met.

The following application is required for certification of a Day Treatment Services for Youth Program:

  • Mental Health or Substance Use Treatment Provider: Initial Certification Application DHS 40 and DHS 50, F-02564

Caregiver Background Check – This process is not required if the program is being added to an existing certificate

A caregiver background check (CBC) is required to be completed for all applicants/legal representatives prior to the approval of any new license, certification or registration of a DQA regulated entity.

  • Review information for Licensee Applicants/License Holder Background Checks found on the Caregiver Background Check Process web page for the completion of the Background Information Disclosure (BID) form and Appendix. Complete either the Online Caregiver Background Check (CBC) process or the manual application process.
  • Also review information on the requirement for Employee Background Checks found on the Caregiver Background Check Process webpage.

WI Statutes

Chapter 51, State Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health Act

WI Administrative Code


Chapter DHS 12, Caregiver Background Checks
Chapter DHS 13, Reporting and Investigation of Caregiver Misconduct
Chapter DHS 40, Mental Health Day Treatment For Youth
Chapter DHS 92, Confidentiality of Treatment of Records
Chapter DHS 94, Patient Rights and Resolution of Patient Grievances


Additional Information

Visit the Mental Health Treatment Programs website for more information.

Last Revised: March 26, 2021