City, County, and Regional Data: St. Croix County

This page provides access to various kinds of health information for St. Croix County from the Department of Health Services. Some of these links take you directly to St. Croix County data. Others ask you to select a geographic location and other variables to shape the information you will see.

Poverty Status and Health Insurance Coverage - St. Croix County: Web table based on combined years of Family Health Survey results.

Click below to view public health profiles for St. Croix County.

Public Health Profiles - St. Croix County

Public Health Profiles are published annually and provide concise health and demographic information about each county and region in Wisconsin. A statewide profile is also included.

The WISH data query system uses protected databases containing Wisconsin birth, death, population, and injury data for multiple years and geographic areas. You will need to select a geographic location and other variables.

Wisconsin Local Health Department Survey, P-45704
This annual report is compiled from the responses of local health departments to annual surveys of their finances and staffing. Look for the rows containing information from your health department.

Questions about the data? Contact the Office of Health Informatics.

Last Revised: July 3, 2020