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Wisconsin Public Health Profiles

Public Health Profiles provide concise health and demographic information about each county in Wisconsin.

The last year of the public health profiles was 2017 and they have since been discontinued. If you need data elements from the profiles after this, please reach out to the Data Resource Center. The Office of Health Informatics is working on new data products to share the information that used to be in these profiles.

Public Health Profiles 2017 (state, counties, and regions) P-45358-21 (February 2021) (PDF)

Beginning in 2016, the Wisconsin Public Health Profiles were enhanced by including all local health departments (LHDs), not limited to those defined by their county, plus all municipalities with a population over 35,000 (January 1, 2015 estimate). To access the profile for a particular county or region, select its name below.

Statewide: Wisconsin

Division of Public Health Regions:
Northern / Northeastern / Southern / Southeastern / Western

Perinatal Regions (PDF):
Northwestern / North Central / Northeastern / Fox Valley / Southeastern / South Central / Western


Sub-county local health departments and municipalities

Questions about the data? Contact us.


Last revised November 10, 2023