WCRS Reporting Announcements

This page provides resources for those reporting cancer cases to the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System.

Reminder Notice: 2014 Cancer Cases are Due

  • Cases diagnosed through December 2014 were due to WCRS by July 1, 2015.
  • Cases diagnosed before 2014 are past due and should be submitted immediately.

In order to monitor your facility's compliance, it is important to notify WCRS if your facility:

  • Has had a significant increase or decrease in your cancer caseload;
  • Has begun reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital);
  • Has stopped reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital); or
  • Expects a delay in cancer reporting at any time.

WCRS has a list of contract abstracting services that can be used to help facilities with backlogs in reporting. Please contact us to obtain the list.

Calling All Abstract Plus Users!

WCRS will be upgrading Abstract Plus this summer to meet the new 2015 reporting requirements. The upgrade will occur automatically for facilities that are on the current version, with the V14 layout. WCRS has been notifying facilities sending in submissions from the earlier versions, but we may not have reached everyone, especially if your facility has not submitted cases in a while.

Please check your Abstract Plus version and contact Laura Stephenson immediately (608-266-8926 or laura.stephenson@dhs.wisconsin.gov) if you have an earlier version ( or 3.2). You must be using version for automatic upgrades to work. You can find the version number in two ways: 1) In Abstract Plus, click on Help, then About. The version will be listed in the About window. 2) When you click on the Abstract Plus icon to open it, a temporary window pops up with the version number.

Importance of Reporting Patient Race and Ethnicity to WCRS

WCRS and all state cancer registries in the National Program of Cancer Registries ask health care providers to report patient race and ethnicity information. Detailed race and ethnicity information on cancer patients can help improve clinical care, as well as help effectively target cancer prevention and early detection programs. Please read this detailed information about the importance of reporting patient race and ethnicity to the WCRS (PDF, 37 KB).

Abstract Plus Software

Abstract Plus Software Available:  The latest version of Abstract Plus data entry software,, using data layout version V14, is now available. This version replaces all earlier versions and is compliant with all state reporting requirements for 2014 and earlier diagnoses. This Zip file (65 MB) contains the instructions for downloading the new software, the software application files (setup.exe and AbstractPlus_3.4_V140_WI.msi) and a list of the edits used in this version. Please follow the download instructions and contact DHSWCRSdata@dhs.wisconsin.gov with any questions and for a copy of the user manual. WCRS will respond within three business days. If your facility does not have the capability to open a Zip file, please email WCRS and indicate you need the software provided in a different format. If you are currently using an earlier version of Abstract Plus, please contact Laura Stephenson at laura.stephenson@dhs.wisconsin.gov for special instructions prior to installing this new version.



Last Revised: September 1, 2015