Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System (WCRS) Reporting Announcements

This page provides resources for those reporting cancer cases to the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System.

WCRS 2018-2020 Required Data Item List

WCRS 2018-2020 Required Data Item List (PDF) (Updated Jan. 2020)

The WCRS required data item list for 2018-2020 was updated in early January 2020. As a reminder, WCRS no longer has two separate required lists based on a facility’s CoC accreditation status. This updated list applies for all reporting facilities, regardless of CoC accreditation status.

Reminder: All Cases Diagnosed in 2017 were Due on June 30, 2018.

If you have not submitted your 2017 cases please submit them as soon as possible.

  • Cases diagnosed January - July 2017 should have been submitted in January 2018.
  • Cases diagnosed before 2017 are past due and should be submitted immediately.

In order to monitor your facility's compliance, it is important to notify WCRS if your facility:

  • Has had a significant increase or decrease in your cancer caseload.
  • Has begun reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital).
  • Has stopped reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital).
  • Expects a delay in cancer reporting at any time.

WCRS has a list of contract abstracting services that can be used to help facilities with backlogs in reporting. Please contact us to obtain the list.

Cancer-Rates.info User Guide Now Available

Guide for using WCRS data in Cancer-Rates.info Data Query Program P-02203 (PDF) (July 2018)

Importance of Reporting Patient Race and Ethnicity to WCRS

WCRS and all state cancer registries in the National Program of Cancer Registries ask health care providers to report patient race and ethnicity information. Detailed race and ethnicity information on cancer patients can help improve clinical care, as well as help effectively target cancer prevention and early detection programs. Please read this detailed information about the importance of reporting patient race and ethnicity to the WCRS (PDF).

Last Revised: January 7, 2020