Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System - Training Announcements

Date circled on a calendarWisconsin Cancer Reporting System Regional Trainings  

Objectives of Training sessions will include:

  • Basic Abstraction of Cancer Cases
  • Abstract Plus software (with a focus on new features)
  • General Staging Rules
  • Transition to AJCC Staging
  • SEER Summary Stage Review of Primary sites (will include Head and Neck, Hematopoietic and other sites, per feedback of prospective attendees)
  • Hands-on Exercises

WCRS is continuing to modify the content of our trainings to reflect the needs of our reporters.  As we move into a new year, we are working on new training content along with workshops dedicated to the new reporter.  In 2016, 4 regional workshops were conducted.  To accommodate the needs of reporters and respond to the feedback we received in 2016 workshops, WCRS would like to proceed with additional regional trainings that are based on specific levels of reporter expertise.  This will provide new reporters with the opportunity to participate in a workshop setting, while allowing more advanced reporters the opportunity to focus on review of primary sites. 

WCRS will continue to accept and review all training requests to understand how we may best modify the location, frequency and content of the regional trainings in order to address your reporting needs. WCRS will continue to strive to achieve our goal of increasing the availability and value of the training content for cancer reporters.

If you have training suggestions that you would like us to take into consideration or if you would be willing to host a training session at your facility, please contact Nancy Sonnleitner.

New - Certified Tumor Registrar Education Program

WCRS is pleased to announce the Cancer Information Management education program at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, which will provide specialized training for Certified Tumor Registrar certification. Please visit the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College website for details about the new Cancer Information Management program that began in the fall of 2014.

One-on-One Basic Cancer Abstracting

Facility-level training is being offered at the WCRS headquarters in Madison. This gives individual facilities the opportunity to learn abstracting using their own facility's medical records. It gives participants the chance to learn where to find the necessary information in the medical record that must be abstracted into the cancer abstract. It also gives participants practice in abstracting. The WCRS trainer spends the day with the trainees, guiding them through the abstract and answering questions to help them better understand the cancer abstract and its contents.

For further information, please contact Nancy Sonnleitner at nancy.sonnleitner@dhs.wisconsin.gov or 920-261-8388.

WCRS Reporting Updates for 2016

WCRS presented the reporting requirements for 2015 (a review) and 2016 (new) at the September 2016 Wisconsin Cancer Registrars' Association fall meeting.

Last Revised: January 10, 2017