WISH Query: Injury-Related Emergency Department Visits (2002-2015)

(Data updated September 2018)

This module provides data on the injury-related emergency department visits of Wisconsin residents during 2002-2015. A separate module presents data on emergency department visits after 2015.

The module includes only emergency department visits. Contrary to previous iterations, the module does include emergency department visits that resulted in the patient being admitted as an inpatient in this acute-care hospital, died, or were transferred out. To limit the query to people who were treated and released, see step 3. For more information see the technical notes.

Step 1. Select a Measure of Emergency Department Visits


* To use the Ranked Causes measures, you need to select the measure here AND choose "Causes of Injury" as a row variable in Step 8 below. Causes are ranked in order of frequency.

Step 2. Select One or More Causes of Injury (Optional)

Cause of Injury

Choose one or more of these standard groupings for the cause of injury. To see statistics for each of several groups, be sure to also choose "Causes of Injury" as a ROW or COLUMN variable in step 8 or 9 below.

Step 3. Select "Treated and Released Only" or "All Visits" (Optional)

Treated and Released

Use of the "Treated and Released Only" filter can be helpful because it counts a visit only once by not including patients transferred to hospitals for in-patient stays or those who died while in the ED. This keeps the cost and effects of injury from appearing artificially high. Selecting "All Visits" will show the total volume of visits due to injury that EDs experience.

Step 4. Select One or More Manner or Intent of Injury (Optional)

Manner of Injury

Note: To see statistics for specific manners or intents of injury, choose "Manner or Intent of Injury" as a ROW or COLUMN variable in step 8 or 9 below.

Step 5. Choose Area of Patient's Residence

Hold down the control (Ctrl) key to select multiple counties, regions, or regional trauma council areas.

Note: To see results for individual areas, choose "Geographic Area" as a ROW variable or COLUMN variable in Step 8 or 9 below.

Geographic Area

Step 6. Choose Year(s) and Month(s)

Choose One or More Years

Choose the year in which the patient was discharged.

Note: WISH suppresses counts in cells that are less than 5 to comply with data privacy guidelines. Combine data years to increase cell counts.

Note: Injury data for 2015 is an approximation based on ICD-9-CM coding. Medical facilities began reporting using ICD-10-CM on 10/1/2015. Data for the last quarter of 2015 analysis uses the ICD-10-CM coding.

Year and Month

Choose Month (Optional)

Go to Step 6 to include all visits for the year. Otherwise, select one or more months of the year. To see statistics for each of several months, select them here, then select "Month" as a ROW or COLUMN variable in Step 8 or 9 below.


Step 7. Choose Age, Sex and Payer Groups (Optional)

Specific Characteristics

Step 8. Choose a Row Variable

Row Variable

Step 9. Choose a Column Variable (Optional)

 Column Variable Note: Cannot be used with a "Ranked Causes" query.

To send your request for data now.

To clear all selections and start over.

Last Revised: February 26, 2019