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Wisconsin's Assistive Technology Program (WisTech)

WisTech overview

WisTech is Wisconsin's assistive technology program funded under the 21st Century Assistive Technology (AT) Act. Additional information about the AT Act is available on the AT3 Center website.

WisTech provides information on selecting, funding, installing, and using assistive technology.

Assistive technology is any item, device, or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve the functionality of people with disabilities, allowing them to be more independent in education, employment, recreation, and daily living activities. Assistive technology includes the services necessary to get and use the devices, including assessment, customization, repair, and training.

WisTech compiles and submits an annual progress report for each program year. Information from the annual progress report is available in a WisTech FFY23 Annual Progress Report Summary (PDF) and by viewing the full WisTech Federal Fiscal Year 2023 WisTech Annual Progress Report (PDF). For an accessible version of the annual progress report, email

WisTech uses its three-year State Plan for Assistive Technology, P-02162 (PDF) to communicate its goals and plans to the citizens of Wisconsin and the federal Rehabilitation Services Administration.

If you have questions about WisTech, Wisconsin's Assistive Technology Program, contact the WisTech program coordinator at or call 608-514-2513.

Last revised May 9, 2024