WPPNT: Continuing Education Hours

One continuing education hour is awarded per presentation hour, provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health.

Participants must complete the evaluation form for each presentation in which they wish to receive a continuing education hour. Evaluations must be completed within two weeks of the live presentation. If you wish to receive a continuing education hour for watching the recording of a presentation, you must watch the recording and submit the evaluation within two weeks of the live presentation. A link to the online evaluation form is posted with the materials for the presentation. The online evaluation form opens immediately after each presentation (11:59 a.m. Central time) and closes before the next presentation two weeks later (10:59 a.m. Central time). There are no exceptions to this timeline. 

After submitting the evaluation, you will receive a personalized email confirming your earned a continuing education hour. Save and/or print this email, along with the corresponding presentation materials. You are responsible for maintaining your continuing education hour record.

Continuing education hour documentation is not provided by mail.

Contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services for more information regarding the requirements for continuing education for your license.

Do you have a question about the continuing education hour process for the Wisconsin Public Psychiatry Network Teleconference? Contact the Division of Care and Treatment Services.

Last Revised: June 3, 2021