WWWP Multiple Sclerosis Staged Assessment

The WWWP covers specific testing for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for women who are enrolled in WWWP and who:

  • have high-risk signs of MS or who have been told by their provider that they have MS, and
  • agree to get the covered MS testing from selected health care providers participating in the WWWP Multiple Sclerosis testing services. Other testing or services by non-participating providers cannot be covered.

When needed for enrolled women, the WWWP Local Coordinator will help women schedule an appointment to start the MS testing process with a participating provider.

WWWP clients who are diagnosed with MS, will be connected to free or reduced-cost treatment for MS provided by selected MS Centers that are partnering with WWWP.

Required program guidance for multiple sclerosis testing through WWWP:

We are currently updating some of our Multiple Sclerosis materials. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Beach at 608- 266-9391.

Last Revised: September 29, 2016