WWWP Multiple Sclerosis Staged Assessment

Doctor showing patient information on clipboard

The Wisconsin Well Woman Program (WWWP) covers specific testing for multiple sclerosis (MS) for women who are enrolled in WWWP and who:

  • Have high-risk signs of MS or who have been told by their provider that they have MS, and
  • Agree to get the covered MS testing from selected health care providers participating in the WWWP multiple sclerosis testing services. Other testing or services by non-participating providers cannot be covered.

When needed for enrolled women, the WWWP local coordinator will help women schedule an appointment to start the MS testing process with a participating provider.

WWWP clients who are diagnosed with MS, will be connected to free or reduced-cost treatment for MS provided by selected MS centers that are partnering with WWWP.

Required program guidance for multiple sclerosis testing through WWWP:

We are currently updating some of our multiple sclerosis materials. If you have any questions, please contact Janet Beach at 608- 266-9391.

Last Revised: January 28, 2020