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Zika Communication Resources

Below are resources that the Department of Health Services (DHS) recommends for local public health agencies and other partners looking to reach out to the public about Zika. Targeted messaging about Zika prevention and transmission for specific populations allows public health officials to reach a wider audience.

Information on this page has been organized into categories. Please choose one of the following headings.

Zika Fast Facts

Zika Fast Facts, P-01597 (PDF) A DHS resource created to be used on social media for a fast way to communicate facts about Zika in Wisconsin.

Zika and pregnant

Pregnant and Worried about Zika? (PDF) A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) resource showing how to assemble a Zika prevention kit if you are traveling to an area with active transmission of Zika.

Zika Imported Case

What's an Imported Case? (PDF) A CDC one-page resource on what is considered an imported case.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito Bite Prevention in the United States (PDF) A CDC two-page resource providing general information on how to prevent mosquito bites.

Zika Protect Yourself

Zika and Sexual Transmission: For People Whose Partner Traveled to an Area with Zika (PDF) A CDC one-page fact sheet providing information on how to prevent Zika transmission through sexual contact when a partner has traveled to an area with active Zika transmission.


LGBT Community: How to Protect Yourselves From Zika (PDF) A CDC fact sheet that provides information for LGBT communities regarding sexual transmission of the Zika virus.

5 Things About Zika

Top 5 Things to know about Zika (PDF) A CDC infographic with risk communication messages regarding Zika virus.

Zika Testing Fee Exempt

Wisconsin Fee-Exempt Testing Guidelines, P-01599 (PDF) A DHS guidance sheet regarding specimen collection for fee-exempt testing after being approved by a DHS epidemiologist.

Zika recommendations

Zika Virus: Recommendations for Persons Who May Have Been Exposed, P-01581 (available in multiple languages) A DHS fact sheet targeted toward people who may have been exposed to Zika.

Zika Counseling Travelers

Counseling Travelers of Reproductive Age (PDF) A CDC guide for health professionals that describes recommendations for women and men who may be traveling to areas with active Zika transmission.

Zika Spring Break

College Spring Break (PDF) A CDC fact sheet about staying safe while on spring break in areas with Zika virus.

Mosquito Activity Book

Zika Activity Book: For Kids in the US (PDF) A CDC designed activity book for children in the US that provides coloring and matching activities about mosquito bite prevention.

Cover - Zika - Travelling during Spring Break

"Planning to Get Away for Spring Break?" P-01695B (PDF) (available in English and Spanish) A DHS flyer provides quick facts and tips on how to stay safe while traveling to warmer destinations.

Zika Travelers

Travelers can Protect Themselves from Zika (PDF) A CDC poster providing instructions for a prevention kit for travelers while they are traveling.

Zika and Traveling

Taking a Break from the Wisconsin Winter? P-01695 (PDF) (available in English and Spanish) A DHS flyer provides quick facts and tips on how to stay safe while traveling to warmer destinations.

Last revised October 3, 2023