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Zika Virus for Health Professionals

For Zika virus testing information, visit the Lab Professionals page.


Zika virus is a nationally notifiable condition and is a Wisconsin disease surveillance category II disease. Health care providers should report suspected Zika virus infections to the patient’s local public health department.

Multiple travel-associated Zika virus infections in Wisconsin residents were identified during 2016 and 2017, but no infections have been detected since 2017. Since Zika virus infection during pregnancy is associated with microcephaly and other serious brain anomalies, it is important for providers to discuss Zika virus prevention with all patients of childbearing age, especially with pregnant women and with both men and women who are planning a pregnancy.

Clinical Guidance for Health Care Providers

The evaluation of Zika virus infections globally and in the U.S. are ongoing. Wisconsin DHS and the CDC continue to update their guidance for health professionals as new information is obtained.

For more information on testing procedures.

Last revised September 4, 2020