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Guide for Wisconsin PrEP Providers

This Guide for Wisconsin PrEP Providers P-01197 (PDF, 297 KB) summarizes the recommended practices for HIV prevention through Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) using the drug combination of tenofovir and emtricitabine (Truvada®). The guide has been compiled and reviewed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services - AIDS/HIV Program, in collaboration with experienced local HIV clinicians and other health care providers.

Sample Clinical Protocol for PrEP

This sample clinical protocol, Guidelines for Implementing Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis For
The Prevention of HIV in Youth
(PDF, 84 KB) , was developed by the Wisconsin Primary Care Support Network at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  While this resource covers the provision PrEP for youth, it is an example of a PrEP protocol that providers can adapt and use as a starting point for their practice.

PrEP Overview and Additional Information Resources from the CDC


An infographic regarding PrEP Care


Case Reporting of HIV Infection and AIDS

Combined HIV Infection and AIDS Case Report Form
In 2013, a new Wisconsin HIV Infection and AIDS Case Report form replaced the previous HIV and AIDS case reports (DOH 4338 and DOH 4264) for persons > 13 years of age at time of diagnosis. The form collects important public health surveillance information which is crucial in understanding the HIV epidemic and in providing important public health services to persons infected and those at risk for HIV infection.

Wisconsin HIV Infection and AIDS Case Report Form F-44338 (Word, 227 KB)

Letter to Providers Regarding New Case Report Form (PDF, 44 KB)

Fact Sheet: Reporting of HIV Infection and AIDS in Wisconsin P-00541 (PDF, 45 KB)

HIV Partner Services

Overview of HIV Partner Services

HIV Partner Services Information Sheet
This fact sheet provides information to health care providers and persons with HIV infection regarding public health services known as HIV Partner Services. During HIV Partner Services, infected persons are confidentially interviewed by skilled public health professionals to elicit information about their sex and drug using partners and social contacts in order to notify them confidentially of their possible exposure or potential risk.

Information Sheet: HIV Partner Services for Persons with HIV Infection  P-42114 (PDF, 49 KB)

Letter to Providers Regarding HIV Partner Services Information Sheet  (PDF, 38 KB)

Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code Related to HIV Infection and AIDS

Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code Related to AIDS and HIV Infection P-44295 (PDF, 79 KB)

Revision to Wisconsin HIV Statutes Related to Act
On April 21, 2010, 2009 Wisconsin Act 209 was signed into law. Act 209 eliminated the requirement for written informed consent for HIV testing by replacing it with a verbal consent process. This change will reduce the time and paperwork formerly associated with HIV testing and will encourage health care providers to routinely test in a variety of medical settings. Act 209 also simplifies legislative language and revises laws on disclosure of test results, discrimination, significant exposure, and HIV case reporting.

The following resources include a summary of recent statutory changes, related guidance for clinicians, and sample HIV testing facts sheets that address new statutory provisions on HIV testing and consent.

Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program Summary of Revisions to Wisconsin HIV Statutes Resulting from 2009 Wisconsin Act 209 (PDF, 35 KB)

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 252 - Communicable Diseases

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to HIV Testing, Disclosure, and Significant Exposure in Health Care Settings

Archived December 15, 2010 Mediasite Presentation -- Wisconsin HIV Testing Statutes: 2010 Revisions and Frequently Asked Questions

HIV Testing Resources for Clinicians

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women in Health-Care Settings (Published September 22, 2006)

Sample Clinician Script -- Verbal Consent for HIV Testing  (PDF, 29 KB)

Sample Consent for HIV Testing form
The following sample forms may be used to record client consent for HIV testing services.  They may be adapted without permission.

Sample HIV Testing Fact Sheets ("HIV Testing: What You Need to Know")
The following sample fact sheets address new statutory provisions on HIV testing and consent. Fact sheets may be adapted without permission.

Sample Authorization for Release of Confidential HIV Test Results



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