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American Rescue Plan Act: Medicaid HCBS Grants Supporting Quality and Innovation

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides qualifying states with federal funding for Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS) activities. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is investing some of these federal funds to implement a statewide HCBS grant opportunity.

With the goal to enhance, expand, and strengthen HCBS, DHS provided $30 million over two funding rounds across Medicaid HCBS programs. Funds were distributed geographically across the state in both urban and rural areas, and support diverse organizations and populations. Funded projects reflect a wide range of ways to positively impact Medicaid program members and participants, direct care workers, families of individuals receiving services, HCBS providers, and more.

 Celebrating success

Grant-funded projects excel in creatively and positively impact Medicaid HCBS programs. Check out the real results and exciting plans from our grantees!

See grantee success stories

 About the grant funding cycle

The grant funding cycle is now closed. Award recipients for the second round were determined and notified in June 2023.

Over the course of Round 2, DHS received 449 applications requesting more than $86 million in grant funding. Ultimately, DHS selected 89 applicant projects and will disburse over $12.4 million in project funding. Combined with the first round, nearly $30 million has been awarded as a result of this grant program.

If you missed the deadline for this opportunity, please subscribe to our email list to continue receiving updates on any future grant opportunities.

 ARPA HCBS grants dashboard

Use this dashboard to see overall awards and impact, or to see individual project summaries and goals.

The present view of the dashboard shows statistics for all grant awards. You can also:

  • Filter by project reach: choose a value in the Project Reach dropdown
  • Filter by county served: choose a county or counties in the County dropdown, or click on a county on the map
  • Filter by round awarded: choose from the first or second rounds of grant funding
  • Filter by awardee: choose an awardee in the Awardee Name dropdown
  • Filter by project objective: select a bar chart area in the Project Objectives section
  • Filter by program: select a bar chart area in the Impacted Medicaid Program section

To view more data and explanatory text, hover over the map, charts, and graphs in the dashboard.

  • Project reach: The geographical reach of each project. This filters other data in the dashboard.
    • Statewide projects impact many counties across Wisconsin.
    • Regional projects impact several counties across the state.
    • Local projects impact several cities or areas.
    • Location-only projects impact one facility or place.
  • County: The location of the awardee's main office or facility. This filters other data in the dashboard. Checking the county only will include statewide projects. If you want to exclude statewide projects, filter out the statewide projects under project reach.
  • Round: The round of funding the project was awarded in. This filters other data in the dashboard. DHS awarded Round 1 in November 2022, and Round 2 in June 2023. Selecting "All" will include data for both rounds.
  • Total grants: The number of funded projects. This number changes based on filters you choose.
  • Budget request: The total amount of funding for awarded projects. This number changes based on filters you choose.
  • Project objectives: The main goal of awarded projects. These change based on filters you choose, and also filter other data in the dashboard.
  • Impacted Medicaid program: The Wisconsin Medicaid programs impacted by the awarded projects. These change based on filters you choose, and also filter other data in the dashboard.
  • Awardee Name: Names of organizations that received grant awards. This filters other data in the dashboard.
  • Awardees and project descriptions: The name of each grant awardee, and a short description of their project. These change based on filters you choose.
  • Urban and rural projects: The percent of projects that impact urban or rural areas, or both. This changes based on filters you choose.

To download and print a PDF of the dashboard:

  1. Filter the dashboard to the county and date you need.
  2. Select Download at the bottom of the dashboard.
  3. Select PDF.
  4. From the Include menu, choose This View.
  5. Select Download.
  6. Open the PDF and print it.

 Archived applicant resources

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Last revised August 24, 2023