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Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program: Strategic Program Overview

The Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program is committed to providing high-quality acute stroke care and improving health outcomes for everyone experiencing stroke in Wisconsin. To accomplish these goals, the Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program has the following objectives:

  1. Public Awareness: Promote messaging for stroke prevention, signs and symptoms, and importance of calling 911.
  2. Partnerships: Increase and maintain multi-disciplinary partnerships (e.g., Stroke Coordinators of Wisconsin, the EMS Board Physician Advisory Committee) to guide the Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program and coordinate with other statewide stroke efforts.
  3. Recruitment: Recruit and engage Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospital systems in quality improvement.
  4. Data infrastructure: Implement an integrated data management system to measure, track, and assess quality of care (QOC).
  5. Data Use: Increase the reliability and use of stroke data across transitions of care (EMS-hospital, hospital-home, primary care-community services).
  6. Quality Improvement (QI): Coordinate stroke care QI efforts.
  7. Sustainability: Develop a sustainability plan and/or mechanisms to support ongoing coordinated stroke care systems.

Key components of the program include:

  • For hospitals, reporting on and improving performance measures through the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry (link is external) (PCNASR).
  • For EMS, reporting on and improving performance measures through the Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS).
  • Facilitating EMS and hospitals in developing and implementing stroke systems of care.


Logo for the Wisconsin Coverdell Stroke Program
More Information:
John Bowser, PhD, Coverdell Program Director

Last revised June 16, 2022