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Diabetes is a costly, complex, and devastating chronic illness that poses a major public health problem. Diabetes affects over 475,000 adults and 4,500 children and adolescents in Wisconsin. It is the seventh leading cause of death in Wisconsin, costing an estimated annual $6.15 billion in health care costs and lost productivity. Each year, more than 1,100 Wisconsin residents die from diabetes and many more suffer disabling complications, such as heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and amputations. This burden is higher among minority populations.  Much of the health and economic burden of diabetes can be averted through known prevention measures.

The Wisconsin Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP) is dedicated to improving the health of people at risk for or with diabetes.  We rely on our strong partnerships in the development, distribution, and implementation of resources. Please use the links to the left as well as those below to access these resources.

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Wisconsin Diabetes Surveillance Report 2012 P-43084 (PDF,  8.6 MB)

2011 Burden of Diabetes in Wisconsin P-00284 (PDF,  2.2 MB)

Diabetes Care Guidelines

Students with Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Wisconsin Schools and Families

Diabetes Self-Care Booklet - English, P-43081 (PDF,  1.2 MB)Spanish P-43081s  (PDF,  1.2 MB)

Personal Diabetes Care Record English, P-49357 (PDF,  197 KB)

Blood Sugar Log Booklet English, P-00246 (PDF,  1.3 MB)

Last Revised: November 2, 2015