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Health and Employment Counseling (HEC) Program

Health and Employment Counseling (HEC) is a nine-month, pre-employment program for people with disabilities who are not employed but want to enroll or stay enrolled in the Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP). MAPP requires members to meet a work requirement through one of these things:

Person going up a ramp in a wheelchair
  • A job where you earn wages from an employer, with work done at least once per month
  • Self-employment with income at least once per month
  • In-kind work where you provide a service for someone at least once per month in return for something of value like food, goods, or services
  • A temporary exemption as a result of a physical or mental illness that prevents you from working
  • Enrolling in HEC

If you would otherwise qualify for MAPP but don’t yet meet the work requirement, you can apply for HEC to meet the work requirement while you look for a job. To enroll in HEC, you must be enrolled in MAPP or awaiting a decision about MAPP benefits.

Apply for HEC

  1. Complete the HEC Application, F-00004, which is also your employment plan. For help filling this out, refer to the HEC Consumer Guide, P-20220a.
  2. Submit your application and employment plan.

Mail: HEC Program Coordinator, PO BOX 7851, RM. 335, Madison, WI 53707-7851


Fax: 608-223-7755

  1. You’ll get a decision letter once we have reviewed your plan.

For more information on the HEC program or to get application materials, email or call 866-278-6440.

Last revised December 19, 2023