Health and Employment Counseling (HEC) Program

The Health and Employment Counseling (HEC) Program is a nine month pre-employment program that allows people with disabilities who are not yet employed, but looking for employment, an opportunity to receive the same health benefits offered through the Wisconsin Medicaid program.

Through the Medicaid Purchase Plan (MAPP), people with disabilities who are enrolled in HEC may buy their Medicaid coverage by paying a monthly premium based on income. Individuals with low income may not have to pay a premium.

To enroll in the HEC Program an applicant must:

  • Be determined eligible for Medicaid based on disability.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have countable assets of less than $15,000.
  • Develop and complete an application form and employment plan.
  • Submit application materials to the HEC Manager.

For more information on the HEC Program or to obtain application materials please call, 866-278-6440.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Employment Counseling Consumer Guide

Health and Employment Counseling (HEC) Application

Last Revised: July 27, 2018