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Choose Safe Places: Child Care Provider Resources

The Wisconsin Choose Safe Places Program offers child care providers resources about environmental health hazards.


Lead poisoning is caused by several sources, including:

Are you in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee's Lead-Safe Water Guide has information on how to reduce the risk of lead exposure. Find more information at Lead-Safe Milwaukee.

Drinking water

In addition to lead, other pollutants can contaminate drinking water, such as arsenic, bacteria, and nitrate.

Many people in Wisconsin get their drinking water from private wells. For this reason, child care centers should test their drinking water regularly for:

If you get your water from a public system, look up or contact your local water utility to review your Consumer Confidence Report. This report describes where your water comes from and what’s in it.

Indoor air

Pollutants that can contaminate indoor air include:

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Last revised May 10, 2023