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What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring, odorless, radioactive gas that causes lung cancer.

  • 5-10% of the homes in Wisconsin have radon levels above the US EPA guideline of 4 pCi/L for the year average on the main floor.
  • Every region of Wisconsin has some homes with elevated radon levels.
  • The only way to know the radon level in a house is to measure it yourself or hire a contractor to test for it.
  • You can get radon test kits in hardware stores or from local health agencies for around $20. 
  • Radon can be controlled in any house.

Wisconsin supports a hotline that can direct you to your local Radon Information Center or a radon expert at 1-888 LOW RADON (1-888-569-7236).

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Last Revised: June 26, 2015