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CARS: Manual

Concept: Data flow: Four funnels with gears separating data

GEARS begins May 16

GEARS is short for Grants Enrollment, Application and Reporting System.

This page has instructions for working with Human Service (HS), Income Maintenance (IM), and other programs. You will also find flowcharts as well as a link to all profiles for easy searching.

General instructions

Read the general instructions (PDF)

Agency type codes

All the codes associated with GEARS and what they stand for.

Expenditure reporting

How to work with reports | Form F-00642 (expenditure report).

Five profile types

This page explains profile types A, D, E, F, and G.

Find a profile

Use the Find A Profile (Excel) spreadsheet to locate a profile.

Flow charts

DHS provides flow charts to help guide you through funding details on share percentages. These are on a "profile by profile" basis.

"How to" documents to help you through the process

Last revised May 15, 2023