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GEARS is short for Grant Enrollment, Application and Reporting System. It is replacing CARS (Community Aids Reporting System).

This page has instructions for working with Human Service (HS), Income Maintenance (IM), and other programs. You will also find flowcharts as well as a link to all profiles for easy searching.


Agency type codes

All the codes associated with GEARS and what they stand for.

GEARS payment processing schedule

A schedule of due dates for receipt of keying documents in the CARS Unit, anticipated CARS run dates, and ACH deposit dates for non-municipal and municipal vendors. (PDF)

CARS and GEARS data queries

This is a server that displays reports and messages available about the CARS system.

Electronic funds transfer enrollment or changes

New vendor and/or bank changes.

Expenditure reporting

How to work with reports | Form F-00642 (Excel)

Five profile types

This page explains profile types A, D, E, F, and G.

Find a profile

Use the Find A Profile (Excel) spreadsheet to locate a profile.


DHS provides flow charts to help guide you through funding details on share percentages. These are on a "profile by profile" basis.

Find a flowchart.


What is the same, and what is different now?

How GEARS payments work

It starts with signed contracts. See a short overview on how it works.

  How to read the -603 reports

Goes over the differences between CARS and GEARS -603 reports.

  How to read the -620 reports

Goes over the differences between CARS and GEARS -620 reports.

  How to access and use the CARS payment list and GEARS payment reports

Both CARS and GEARS provide a payment listing/report. This page will show you how to navigate both.

  How to access your CARS and GEARS reports

How to do it for both CARS and GEARS.

  Recording and recovering accounts receivable

In both GEARS and CARS, the receivables are collected by offsetting the receivables against future payments.

Last revised November 6, 2023