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GEARS Processing and Payment Schedule

  • Expense report month: If/as needed, reports for prior months may also be submitted
  • Due date: Reports are due by 11:59 p.m. on the listed date
  • Processing date: Reports process in GEARS on this date and will be populated after job completes. Use to retrieve the related 603/620 reports
  • Pay date: First banking day of the month
GEARS schedule through May 2024
Expense report monthDue dateProcessing datePay date
May 20236/15/20232023-06-232023-07-03
June 2023*7/15/20232023-07-222023-08-01
July 20238/15/20232023-08-252023-09-01
August 20239/15/20232023-09-222023-10-02
September 2023*10/15/20232023-10-202023-11-01
October 202311/15/20232023-11-222023-12-01
November 202312/15/20232023-12-XX2024-01-02
December 20231/15/20242024-01-XX2024-02-01
January 20242/15/20242024-02-XX2024-03-01
February 20243/15/20242024-03-XX2024-04-01
February 2024**3/30/20242024-04-XX2024-05-01
March 20244/15/20242024-04-XX2024-05-01
April 20245/15/20242024-05-XX2024-06-03
May 20246/15/20242024-06-XX2024-07-01

*Due date on a non-business day
** Early Closeout Division of Care and Treatment Services

Additional information

  • Agencies are encouraged to check their contract for profile closeout period and final report due date.
  • This schedule will be updated monthly with the date reports process in GEARS. GEARS reports will be available on-line shortly thereafter
Last revised December 1, 2023